Margot Robbie gave a guided tour of the Barbie Dreamhouse and fans are in 'heaven'

Margot Robbie gave a guided tour of the Barbie Dreamhouse and fans are in 'heaven'
Barbie (Teaser Trailer 2)

With the release of the Barbie movie coming up, Margot Robbie gave an inside look into the Mattel doll's Dreamhouse with Architectural Digest - and it's just as iconic as you would expect.

Of course, the one particular colour that is synonymous with Barbie and fuchsia pink is everywhere on the set - tables, chairs, walls, cars you name it.

While the aesthetic took inspiration from Palm Springs's midcentury modernism, with furniture from the 1950s and 1960s, back to when Barbie was first created in 1959 by Ruth Handler as well as products that would be included in Dreamhouse today.

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Production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spence worked with director Greta Gerwig to recreate the childhood nostalgia on-screen, and the set was first made in a miniature format before it was actually created for the set.

“I wanted to capture what was so ridiculously fun about the Dreamhouses," Gerwig told Architectural Digest.

In terms of scale, the proportions were adapted to be 23 per cent smaller than human size for the set, Gerwig described how this created an "odd effect of making the actors seem big in the space but small overall."

Some of the fun elements of the design include a slide to replace the stairs that goes from the bedroom to the pool - "Not super practical but nothing is for Barbie," Robbie said.

(Though the pool is fake as there is no actual water in Barbie Land).

Despite there being no water, Barbie still showers - but nothing comes out.

Nonetheless, Robbie pretends to shower and recalled how she would "look up the old Radox commercials and try to replicate that."

In the kitchen, Robbie explained how there is "a mixture of things that a physically there but then also decal (a picture, design, or label made to be transferred (as to glass) from specially prepared paper)," such as the oven and cooker.

This plays into the world of toys and "how it would look if it was a Mattel product" as Robbie opened the fridge to show that the back is intentionally 2D with groceries painted onto the decal while the fridge shelf had physical products stocked.

"I want everyone to feel like they can reach into the screen and touch everything," Gerwig said, as she recalled standing in Toys 'R' Us looking at Barbie dolls with the plastic sheet over them and wanting to take and touch everything.

This is what inspired Barbie's wardrobe with clear doors to the doll's neatly hung up outfits and accessories, with her outfit already magically set out in her wardrobe.

When it comes to getting from her bedroom to her car, Barbie impossibly floats down as Robbie said: "Greta said no one actually walks their Barbie down the steps to get into the car."

Here's what fans had to say about the Dreamhouse tour:

The Barbie movie is set to be released next month on July 21.

Elsewhere, the new Barbie movie has caused a worldwide shortage of pink and a new version of 'Barbie Girl' will feature on the movie’s soundtrack.

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