Boris Johnson thinks Jason Donovan being played in North Korea is an example of British business success

We've been a lot of weird Boris Johnson speeches since he became prime minister but he might have just given us his magnum opus.

Speaking at this morning's CBI conference in London, the prime minister spoke to business leaders about what the Conservatives can do for them if re-elected.

When referencing the UK's export industry he named things such as tea, batteries, bio-science and...Jason Donovan CD's.

Yes, during a particularly ramshackle part of his speech, Johnson began talking about the Australian pop star, who hit fame in the 1980s and claimed he was famous in North Korea.

He said:

Industry today is doing extraordinary things today in this country. Dominating 21 century sectors such as batteries to bio-science with invest record exports. 

Tea to India...You know the story: 'Tea to India, cake to France, TV aerials to Korea, boomerangs to Australia.'

We export music around the world. Jason Donovan, they told me, we export the music of Jason Donovan to North Korea. 

We honestly wish we were making that quote up but we're not.

Apparently someone, somewhere once told Boris Johnson that the Australian singer is big in North Korea, a country that also has a fondness for the Slovenian industrial metal outfit Laibach.

There doesn't appear to be much evidence to suggest that Donovan is big in North Korea but this is hardly the first time that Johnson has said this.

During his speech Tory party conference in October, Johnson first uttered the so-called fact stating:

We already have some astonishing exports. Just in the last few months, I have seen an Isle of Wight ship-builder that exports vast leisure catamarans to Mexico.

We export Jason Donovan CDs to North Korea. We exported Nigel Farage to America – though he seems to have come back.

We're not entirely sure what is going on and neither does the rest of Twitter.

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