Six people arrested after changing the Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyboob’ to raise breast cancer awareness
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The Hollywoodsign is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world but that didn’t stop six people from defacing it to read as something much ruder. 

On Monday, six individuals managed to successfully change the sign to read not Hollywood but, get this…'Hollyboob.' Yes, this is something that actually happened.

According to NBC Los Angeles, The group managed to drape a large letter ‘B,’ made out of tarpaulin, over the ‘W’ and also changed the ‘D’ into another ‘B’ creating an elaborate joke and probably raising a few smiles or causing a few frowns in LA that afternoon. 

The six people, said to be five men and one woman, were taken into custody on suspicion of trespassing after an LAPD helicopter were called to the scene at 1:15 pm.

In a Twitter post, LAPD Captain Steve Lurie said that the landmark was ‘precious’ to the LAPD and this act of vandalism was ‘way uncool.’

After the six were taken to the LAPD’s Hollywood Station it was revealed by Sgt. Leonard Calderon that the act of vandalism was done to raise breast cancer awareness and that “they didn’t commit any permanent damage.”

Instagram model and influencer Julia Rose has since appeared to be one of the people involved and has taken credit for the act, complete with a video of herself being arrested on the scene.

Either way, some folks got a kick out of this creative piece of vandalism.

This is hardly the first time that the sign has been vandalised or been the subject of a prank. In 1976 an art student changed the sign to read ‘Hollyweed.’

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