Jennifer Lopez branded 'tone deaf' for saying she's 'so disappointed' she can't buy a baseball team

The world is in a bit of a difficult place right now, following a year of wildfires, shocking incidents of racism, a pandemic and some murder hornets sprinkled in for good measure.

All in all, people have a lot of stuff to justifiably complain about, from continued lockdowns to unemployment and the looming recession.

Which is why fans haven’t taken too kindly to a post by singer, actress and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez describing her disappointment at… not being able to purchase a baseball team.

Wait, what?

It was reported in April that Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez were looking into purchasing the New York Mets baseball team. The pair, who have a reported net worth of around $700m, were reportedly working with JP Morgan to raise the funds needed (around 2.7bn). But now the deal has fallen through and they’re formally withdrawing from the process.

Jennifer Lopez posted a screenshot of the announcement on Twitter, wishing whoever purchases the team well.

But the accompanying text of her tweet, in which she describes her disappointment, seems to have rubbed people up the wrong way.

It reads:

Alex and I are so disappointed!! We worked so hard the past 6 months with the dream of becoming the first minority couple and the first woman owner to buy her father’s favorite baseball team with her hard earned money. We still haven't given up!!

On social media, people have branded Lopez “tone deaf” for the tweet.

Sure, it must be disappointing, but with the world bracing itself for recession and millions unemployed, it’s hardly a pressing concern.

The resounding response to the tweet has been: “read the room”...

2020 has definitely been the year of celebrities not knowing when to be quiet. Remember when they all sang 'Imagine'? And that cringeworthy PSA about racism that came across as very tone deaf?

Sometimes the best thing you can say is nothing, folks.

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