This pandemic is pretty strange for all of us, but for pregnant people it must be a whole other level of weird.

For Katy Perry, though, pregnancy seems to be suiting her, even in such bizarre circumstances.

Fans of the 'Roar' hitmaker are praising her “most iconic performance ever” on the finale of American Idol, a show that she co-judges.

On the finale, Perry performed her new single ‘Daisies’ while accompanied on stage by a virtual world created by ‘never-seen-before’ technology.

The technology gave the impression that Perry was performing on the American Idol stage, with added graphics, but really it was filmed from her home.

It was pretty incredible, to be honest.

It’s one thing to give such a unique performance in the middle of the pandemic, but quite another when you’re heavily pregnant too. Perry announced earlier this year that she was expecting her first child with partner Orlando Bloom, continuing her passion for men with British accents.

On social media, people were full of praise for Perry, with some saying it's helped them see her in a new light.

And it seems like Perry noticed the praise, which is cute.

Perhaps after this mind-bending performance, we'll become accustomed to seeing people perform from their living rooms?

Regardless, this will be a nice memory for baby Bloom/Perry/Ploom/Berry to watch when it's older.

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