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Lisa Kudrow

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A clip of Lisa Kudrow playing a Republican has gone viral after it perfectly highlighted the way in which conservatives respond to criticism in the modern world.

The clip comes from Death To 2020 on Netflix –  an original mockumentary about the chaotic and unpredictable year we just said goodbye to.

It was written by the creators of Netflix’s dystopian anthology series Black Mirror,Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, and contains all the whip-smart humour and on-point references you’d expect.

In the viral video, Lisa Kudrow plays a Republican woman named Jeanetta Grace Susan whose title is ‘non-official spokesperson’. Speaking in support of Trump, the fictional character claims Trump’s impeachment was baseless.

She says: “The whole impeachment thing was baseless, OK. So the Democrats claim that Trump pressured Ukraine into digging up dirt on the Biden family and their only real ‘evidence’ of that is the transcript of him doing it.”

A ‘reporter’ behind the scenes is then heard asking what he said on the transcript, to which the spokeswoman replies, “what transcript?”

As the video goes on, the fictional character played by Kudrow continues to deny everything she had previously said, even going as far as to say, “there’s no such place as Ukraine,” adding “I choose to believe there is not.”

Cleverly executed through comedy, the video highlights an important point about today’s political landscape as it shows how conservatives in the political arena are increasingly ignoring facts when it comes to something they don’t like. Trump’s refusal to accept he lost the election is a case in point.

People on Twitter called Kudrow’s portrayal “brilliant” and said it was “scary how realistic” it was.

Perhaps it’ll become a permanent role…?

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