The Sims movie announcement has fans convinced it'll be about the Bella Goth mystery

The Sims movie announcement has fans convinced it'll be about the Bella Goth mystery
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Margot Robbie is reportedly set to bring The Sims to life with a brand new film produced by her production company LuckyChap.

Following the staggering success of Barbie, Robbie returns as a producer for one of the most popular video games of all time that happened to sell over 200 million copies.

Fans are already ecstatic about the news, with thousands turning to X/Twitter with their takes.

"Just heard about The Sims movie and I can’t stop thinking about who would play them," one wrote, while another added: "Sorry but The Sims movie is gonna be my Joker that is my s**t"

Meanwhile, a third penned: "The Sims movie needs The Sims 2 plot. The drama in this game was sickening."

While no further details have been released about the upcoming film, attention soon turned to one character in particular: Bella Goth.

The Sims

The Bella Goth mystery has been ingrained into the brains of most Sims fans, with her trademark red dress and 'elegant' quality being prominent in all games – but one.

In the first edition of The Sims, Bella is an adult. In Sims 3, she is a child (7 days to teen). In Sims 4, she is a young adult.

In The Sims 2, Bella Goth vanished, leaving fans' brains spiralling for years to come and many turning it into a Cluedo-style mystery with fellow Sims being accused of suspected murder.

Some suggest fellow townie Don Lothario was involved, with further accusations hurled at the Caliente sisters who appeared following Bella's disappearance.

The biography for the Caliente sisters in Sims 2 states: "Was it just coincidence that the Caliente sisters arrived on the eve of Bella’s disappearance? And is their interest in Mortimer physical… or fiscal?"

Meanwhile, in TheSims 2 PSP version, Bella is in Strangetown with a different personality.

Fans suggested, in a partially confirmed theory, that she was abducted by aliens.

Fast-forward to Sims 3 andBella Goth is dead, with her elderly ghost residing in Lunar Lakes.

In the alternate universe of The Sims 4, Bella reappears alongside her husband, Mortimer, her daughter, Cassandra, and her son, Alexander.

Messy indeed. Thankfully, TikToker Gonz (@mynameisgonz) summarised the mystery in his viral clip:


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