Meet the new-look Thunderbirds

That’s not how I remember them

Ahead of the reboot of the classic kids TV series, broadcaster ITV has released this image of the new-look crime-fighting Tracy brothers.

They’re very shiny

It’s the 21st century! While the original 32 episodes – which first ran for a year from 1964 – consisted of jerky puppets, a CGI feast awaits the eyes of viewers of this 50th-anniversary resurrection.

Think I prefer the original…

Perhaps the inclusion of an Oscar nominee in the cast will win you over. Fonejacker’s Kayvan Novak and Love Actually star Thomas Brodie-Sangster will both supply their dulcet tones – Novak as Brains and Brodie-Sangster as brother John Tracy. Lady Penelope, meanwhile, will be voiced by Brit Rosamund Pike, who yesterday was announced as a contender for the Best Actress Oscar.

What can we expect?

Details are hazy. But it’s safe to assume Thunderbirds Are Go won’t diverge too much from the original premise.

Which was?

On an uncharted island, somewhere in the South Pacific, lives a multi-millionaire widower and his five adult sons - Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John. Unknown to the rest of the world, they are the force behind top-secret organisation International Rescue.

Will it be any good?

ITV think so – the broadcaster has already commissioned a second series of Thunderbirds Are Go, which will air across 2016 and 2017. Series one is to air later this year.

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