Actors are nothing more than “commodities” in the world of Hollywood, Megan Fox has claimed.

In an interview with E! News about the actor's lingerie line, the topic shifted to the acting industry and Fox’s experience in it.

Is it as glamorous as it appears on our end of the screen?

It’s a resounding ‘no’ from the mother-of-three.

In fact, it sounds rather hellish.

No I mean you’re a commodity right? You’re something that the studio owns and so really as long as you survive filming and they’ve gotten what they needed from you, they don’t really care if you drop dead afterwards.

And what about if you are injured? It doesn’t matter, Fox insists, as long as your face is untouched.

It doesn’t matter – you break an arm? You break a leg? Things like when you’re working you can get really sick. As long as you’re not bleeding from your face, you’re going to keep working.

There’s no regard for your physical safety or your wellbeing at all because it doesn’t matter. Because you’re a means to an end.

So they need what they need from you. Then, goodbye.

In fact, the actor says the industry is ‘morally bankrupt’.

It’s sort of morally bankrupt there’s no empathy or concern for humanity or recognition of a spirit. From my experience.

There’s not a long of concern for what’s right for individuals.  

The industry is under intense scrutiny following a barrage of sexual assault allegations that women have been making against powerful men, including producer Harvey Weinstein.

H/T E! Online

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