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We have no doubt that the artists and attendees at this year’s Coachella had a wild time when the California festival kicked off last weekend – but we think individuals censoring the show for Chinese audiences on the app WeChat had a little less fun.

More specifically, the censors struggled to keep up with dancers performing alongside rapper Megan Thee Stallion (real name Megan Pete) in silver outfits, with a black bar whizzing across the screen in a frenzied attempt to cover the racy costumes.

The unintentionally hilarious scenes were shared to Twitter by Manya Koetse, editor of the Chinese social trends website What’s On Weibo.

She wrote in a thread on Sunday: “Coachella is also being live streamed via WeChat. Apparently, this performance not only made censors sweat; everyone was also joking that they’re singing a song about Shanghai Puxi District.”

The joke about Puxi came as Megan performed the controversial track “WAP”, which stands for ‘wet-a** p****’.

The joke being that Puxi sounds like the explicit word sung by the rapper in the song.

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“That moment of sheer panic when the censor bar frantically jumps left and right because there’s just too much going on,” Ms Koetse added.

According to Insider, some of the comments posted on the livestream by Chinese viewers were mocking the farcical scenes.

One wrote: “Just give up, brother, your fingers can’t keep up. They’re moving too fast for you.”

“He must have stopped to take a sip of water, but now it’s back to business,” another responded, when the bar paused for a brief moment.

Now the clip is on Twitter, others have also joined in in laughing at the bizarre situation:

Coachella continues next weekend, and who knows what antics lie ahead…

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