New Netflix Christmas movie roasted as the 'worst of all time'

New Netflix Christmas movie roasted as the 'worst of all time'

There’s something charming about a cheesy Christmas movie – but Netflix users are really going in two-footed on the platform’s new festive film.

Best. Christmas. Ever stars the likes of Brandy Norwood, Heather Graham, Jason Biggs and Matt Cedeño and has become one of the most popular films on the streaming service.

As you might expect, it’s a tale of unlikely companions at Christmas time, with a pair of frenemies and their families brought together over the holidays by a “twist of fate”.

Despite the film rising up through the ranks and becoming one of the most-watched films on Netflix, not everyone is a fan.

The film has a rating of 33 per cent and some people took to social media to voice their criticism of the movie – with some calling it the “worst Christmas film ever”.


“On a scale of 1-10, the new Netflix movie ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ is the worst movie of all time #BestChristmasEver,” one slammed the film.

“#BESTCHRISTMASEVER is probably my the worst Christmas movie I’ve seen in a long time…” another said.

“Netflix’s new Christmas movie #BestChristmasEver is a dumpster fire,” another unhappy viewer wrote.

Some, however, clearly absolutely loved it.

One fan wrote: “#BestChristmasEver is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be confused at the plot changing every 10 seconds. And you will hate the main character whatever her name is. 10/10 loved every second.”

“I live for a cheesy, confusing holiday movie with a plot I can barely understand. #BestChristmasEver,” another said.

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