Ryan Reynolds trolled by Blake Lively over a birthday message to their dog

Ryan Reynolds/ Instagram/ Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to social media...or so we thought.

Although his relentless trolling of Hugh Jackman often goes down a storm his more sincere posts can sometimes lead to ridicule and mockery from, of all people, his wife Blake Lively.

On Friday, the Deadpool actor took to Instagram to wish the family dog, Baxter, a happy birthday complete with a hilarious caption explain why he didn't bake the pooch a cake because his baking skills are apparently deadly.

Happy Birthday, Bax. I’d bake you a cake, but it would kill you. Not because you’re a dog. Everything I bake is poison. If I had to go to war, I’d just bring a toaster oven.

Can't really argue with that as the last thing we would want to see is Baxter dead but Lively did find something to complain about as her husband's message to the pet was apparently nicer than the one he sent to her on her last birthday.

In the comments, the 33-year-old star wrote:

This is almost as sweet as the birthday post you did for me this year

Reynolds did protest this criticism and explained that he did, after all, bake her cake, something which Baxter did not receive.

Picture:Picture: Instagram 

It would appear that Lively has a point as Reynolds did not post a single thing about his wife's birthday, which is on 25 August, on Instagram but she did share a picture of the cake he baked on her stories, proving that he isn't as bad a baker as he likes to make out.

Picture:Picture: Blake Lively/ Instagram

All we can say is that it appears that the keys to a successful marriage is evidently trolling each other on social media.

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