Ryan Reynolds declines offer to have a street named after him in his home town for a good reason
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Ryan Reynolds is a man of many, many talents. He’s an A-list Hollywood actor, an expert on social media, a never ending menace to Hugh Jackman, a co-owner of a Welsh football club, and of course a proud Canadian.

Reynolds was born in Vancouver in 1976 and he’s so proud of his roots that his Twitter handle is @VancityReynolds a clear nod to his hometown. However, the chance of having his name immortalised on a street in Vancouver, resulted in him giving the offer a ‘hard pass’.

This all came around after the hosts of a KiSS radio show in Vancouver launched a petition with the hope of having a street in the city named after the Deadpool star, or at least a lane. The petition was started by The Kevin and Sonia Show with Tara Jean and has already attracted more than 3000 signatures and is well on its way to its goal of 5000.

They add that the honour wouldn’t be just in recognition of his work on the big screen but also his humanitarian work and raising the profile of the city. They did add that the city traditionally only names streets after people who have died but they think Vancouver should make an exception for Reynolds, writing:

We recognize the City of Vancouver *generally* only names streets after people who have passed, but there have been exceptions PLUS technically Ryan Reynolds is Dead(pool). We think we have a solid case here.

Reynolds caught wind of this petition after reporter Charlene Close said that she had just signed the petition which prompted the actor to respond but he wasn’t as enthusiastic.

As the 44-year-old said he’d hate to hear his name constantly readout if traffic was congested in that area and would give his name a bad association. He also added that his brothers would get way too much enjoyment out of it.

Close conceded that Reynolds reasoning was very valid and asked if anything else in Vancouver, such as a bridge or a tunnel was available, which prompted another reporter, John Ackerman to suggest a viaduct.

If this were to happen though it would top off quite the year for Reynolds, who recently brought Wrexham football club along with fellow actor Ron McElhenney. He is currently wrapping up filming forthcoming Netflix movie Red Notice alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Gal Gadot and has just begun work on The Adam Project which also stars Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner.

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