Sam Thompson just made his Dune 2 interview backlash a whole lot worse

Sam Thompson just made his Dune 2 interview backlash a whole lot worse
"So many different places just for sand!” |Timothee Chalamet and Austin Butler talk Dune: Part Two 😂

Sam Thompson has responded to criticism of his interview with the cast of Dune: Part Twobut managed to fall foul of Timothée Chalamet fans thanks to a small error.

The Made in Chelsea star’s line of questioning to Timothée Chalamet came in for flack on social media after asking the actor about his appearance in Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel.

Chalamet stars opposite his close friend Zendaya, 27, who plays Paul’s love interest Chani in the film.

Thompson took part in a junket interview for Hits Radio and asked Chalamet: “As a non-actor, I would find it so hard to... you’ve obviously got a relationship with someone who is also your friend, it’s not like you don’t know them, that’s your friend. Is it easier or harder to have a relationship on-screen with someone who you’re actually pals with?”

Chalamet shrugged and responded: “There’s no good answer to that. It’s what the story required, and maybe in some ways because we are good friends maybe it was less weird. It’s the nature of the job.”

Thompson was criticised for the question Zendeya and Chalamet have been repeatedly asked about their romantic scenes together.

At the film’s Paris premiere, both actors were asked about their kissing scenes, to which Zendaya responded: “I think it’s our job.”

Thompson was criticised on social media after the interview, and he responded by jokingly writing: “You should have seen the bit where I asked Timothy if he wanted to play Call of Duty with me, you’d have loved it [sic].”

Fans noticed that he’d spelled the actor’s name wrong, and Thompson wrote: "Not only is he not a journalist… he can’t even spell Timothee!!!"

Dune: Part Two is released in cinemas on March 1st.

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