Ted Cruz doing Simpsons impressions is legit the worst thing we’ve ever seen

As we all probably know by now, Texas senator Ted Cruz is quite an odd individual, to say the least.

The outspoken Republican , who has been both an ally and an opponent of Donald Trump , has managed to embarrass himself numerous times in 2021, most notably for his ill-advised vacation to Mexico when the residents of his state were dealing with a deadly winter storm.

As well as being mercilessly trolled on social media it would appear that Cruz can’t even escape his distant past, such as when he was running to become the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

For this story, we need to go way back to April 2016, when Cruz made an appearance on ABC News’ Good Morning America show.

It’s well documented that Cruz is a bit of a pop culture fanatic who has passionately spoken about the likes of The Princess Bride and The Avengers in the past but he is also a fan of The Simpsons .

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Anyway, during the interview with Cruz and his wife Heidi, it is revealed that the Republican has a ‘great sense of humour’ and can do impressions.

The scene then cuts to Cruz doing what can only be described as some of the worst Simpsons impressions we’ve ever heard.

Cruz isn’t so much doing impressions of Homer, Lisa, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Kang the alien but just reciting lines from the show.

The scene resurfaced after it was shared by Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast and calling it ‘terrible’ might be an understatement.

If you watch the entire clip, Heidi is quite complimentary of her husbands impressions especially his take on Lisa. At least he’s making someone happy.

It’s safe to say that Cruz is having a terrible year and this isn’t going to help.

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