Station Break, a Jimi Hendrix song that had been hidden from the public for over 50 years, has just been released.

Before finding fame as the frontman of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the musician, who died at just 27 in 1970, worked with a number of artists as a hired gun - including Curtis Knight and the Squires with whom this song was recorded.

The Daily Beast reports that Hendrix was signed to an unfavourable record contract with "notoriously shady" label boss Ed Chalpin at the time - receiving just one per cent of royalties.

Hendrix recorded a number of tracks with Knight in 1965, none of which were particularly huge at the time, before hitting the big time the year after.

As Chalpin tried to claim Hendrix was tied to a three-year contract with him, the pair were locked in legal battles for years over the copyright.

Last year however, Experience Hendrix - the company set up by the guitarist's father to manage his legacy - managed to take claim of the songs and will be releasing them on 24 March. You can pre-order the song on CD here and vinyl here.

While some of the songs on the album have been heard before, Station Break has reportedly "never before been released in any fashion".

But you can listen to it below:

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