These two brothers spent 8 years recreating Toy Story 3 using stop-motion and it’s incredible

Two brothers have recreated Toy Story 3 in its entirety using stop-motion over the course of eight years.

Iowa siblings Mason and Morgan McGrew were just 12 and 15 years old when they decided they’d like to remake their favourite film using the technique favoured by the likes of Nick Park and the criminally underrated Adam Elliot.

Stop-motion is a notoriously time-consuming endeavour so there is something beautiful about two brothers spending the better part of a decade working on a shot for shot reconstruction of something that already exists.

People do all manner of seemingly pointless things to pass the time from cradle to grave ranging from trainspotting to stamp collecting since we’ve all got to fill the hours somehow. The McGrew brothers decided they’d use iMovie, Adobe Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro coupled with audio from the 2010 film to create their magnum opus. In the intervening years, Pixar have even made another Toy Story movie.

It’s a glorious labour of love and one would be entitled to ask the question: “why?” But the answer is surely quite simple – why not?

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