Ukip release new single, immediately forced to deny it is racist

Ukip has a song out, a kind of unofficial anthem, and Nigel Farage wants you to help get it to number one.

An email to supporters asks: "Wouldn't it be great if we could get this song into the charts and played on radio stations around Britain?"

The song is from ex-Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, a former Conservative supporter who has switched to Ukip.

He has insisted there is "nothing remotely racist" in the song, despite it being sung in a mock Jamaican accent.

"It's a satire and a bit of fun. It's not terribly serious. It wouldn't have sounded very good sung in a Surrey accent," he told Sky News.

It includes 'lyrics' such as "Taxpayers money where does it go? Not even George Osborne knows" and "When we take charge, and the new prime minister is Farage / We can trade with the world again...When Nigel is in Number 10".

The only full version of the song we can find online can only be listened to on YouTube itself, so, if you really want, click here to find it.

A mercifully shorter version of the song is below, however.

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