Aaron Rodgers Arrives to Training Camp in Outfit That’s Going Viral

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has seemingly tapped into his inner Cameron Poe from the 1997 thriller Con Air for his first day of training camp on Tuesday.

But in a now-viral video shared on the Packers' Twitter, Rodgers walked into the team's facility sporting a white tank top and belted jeans - appearing to embody the legendary Nicolas Cage character.

The quarterback also donned a full beard and slid his hand through his hair, before dropping his bag, seemingly for a movie-esque scene.

"Let's do this," the video's caption read.

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Naturally, people didn't hesitate to make Con Air jokes at Rogers after seeing his entrance to day one of his 18th NFL season.

One person wrote: "I just can't with this.

"All I see is Con Air."

"Is this a trailer for a soft-core Cinemax flick?" another joked, while a third added: "Why he dropped the bag? To stunt on you h*es."

Check out other reactions below:

Despite the dramatic look, there is a little less drama surrounding Rodgers now than last year when he skipped the whole training camp and preseason following issues with Green Bay.

And after having talks with Packers brass that led to Rogers having more of a say in the team's decisions, both sides are in a good place, he said in the offseason amid retirement chatter.

In March, the quarterback signed a three-year, $150.8 million extension with the Packer.

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