We’ve all missed certain elements of our life pre-lockdown – going to the pub, restaurants, even being able to hug a friend without worrying about whether it was unethical.

For many people, the element that’s been missing most has been sports – the feeling of being in a stadium and seeing your favourite team play.

To remedy this some people have come up with creative solutions – like Bill Murray.

Murray is a Chicago Cubs fan and has been for a long time – but because he wasn’t actually able to be there in person for the opening game of the season, he made other arrangements.

That meant playing 'Take me out to the Ballgame', andsinging / screaming along – along with a massive teddy bear.

Murray is a well known Cubs fan – and has previously been shown having more than just an emotional reaction to Cubs games.

Around the world, fans of sports are coming up with creative ways to feel like they’re still a part of the game. Some are virtual fans, created by sports and broadcasting companies.

There’s some good news on the horizon – in South Korea, baseball fans have just been allowed back into the stadium. Hopefully Murray won’t have to keep singing at home for too long.

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