19 of the funniest memes about the new F1 2023 intro

19 of the funniest memes about the new F1 2023 intro
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The highly anticipated 2023 season of Formula One is upon us - and the brand new opening titles with this year's crop of drivers have already proved to be meme-worthy.

Each of the 20 drivers in the video posed and gave their best stare (or Blue Steel) at the camera as their name and driving team appeared on-screen, accompanied by some dramatic music.

The wall was a popular prop as Alpine driver Pierre Gasly casually leaned up against it with his arms crossed.

Meanwhile, Mercedes driver George Russell decided to make use of both walls and stretch his arms out to prop himself up, as he also crossed his leg for a strong stance.

Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc went with classic a hand on the hip while the other hand he used to dramatically lean against the wall.

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These poses have left a lasting impression on F1 fans who have used their creativity to superimpose the drivers into some interesting scenarios to create hilarious memes.

Here are some of our favourites:

A couple of people used Gasly, Russell and Leclerc's stills together for some entertaining edits.

Thanks to F1's official Twitter that provided the perfect green screen meme template, others transformed Russell from an F1 driver to a performer.

And an actor (if he wanted to quit the day job) as edits had Russell popping up in La La Land, High School Musical, Titanic and Spider-Man 2.

He's got skill, he's got power (not just in the race car apparently)...

He's a lover not a fighter...

Meanwhile, Leclerc appeared to inadvertently recreate the Joel meme from The Last of Us.

"Alexa, play exile by Taylor Swift (feat. Bon Iver)."

One fan used Leclerc's photo to express their disappointment at Sebastian Vettel (who has retired), Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher not driving this season.

An F1-Beyoncé crossover?

Surely a feeling many can relate to.

Memes aside, the first race of the 2023 F1 season is the Bahrain Grand Prix which will take place on Sunday, March 5 at 3 pm UK time.

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