10 best memes from the Zoolander TikTok trend

10 best memes from the Zoolander TikTok trend
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Zoolander, a 2001 film satirising the world of modelling, has provided the perfect meme template that has since gone viral on TikTok.

The noughties comedy follows male model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) who is no longer the top male fashion model thanks to a newcomer on the scene, Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson).

Though the two eventually become friends and together foiled an assassination plot against the Prime Minister of Malaysia at Mugatu’s (Will Ferrell) runway show.

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The film has since been called a cult classic while Zoolander's iconic blue steel look - a pose that involves pursing your lips and sucking-in cheeks along with keeping the eyes fixed on the camera -became a memorable pop culture reference.

Now, a scene from the Male Model Awards where Zoolander smile at the cameras soon turns into moody a blue steel when he spots rival Hansel walking past him who gives him the intense look in return has become the latest TikTok meme as people get creative with their captioning of the brief clip.

While the music hilariously adds further tension with a heavy sound originally used on the platform by space account @astrocapella that has a high-pitched voice that asks "Who is she?"

Here are 10 of our favourite memes from the trend:

This relatable sibling bathroom meme has received over 9.7m views TikTok/d1lfwh0r3

"Like ships passing through the night" as the creator wrote in the video caption (8.3m views)TikTok/kdubb69420

When you realise you're not your therapist's the only client (5.7m views)TikTok/halfwayhouseheathe

The betrayal... (2.5m views)TikTok/stylebyrhirhi

Revenge is sweet (1.2m views)TikTok/ajajajaybie

"I can’t help it, okay?!" the TikToker wrote (1.5m views)TikTok/laineybeautyy

Not the encounter you want (456,000 views)TikTok/mistekan

"Why does it always upset me so much HAHA," the TikToker commented (617,000 views)TikTok/thicdix

The maths struggle (169,000 views)TikTok/kilerosada

Another predicted what an Argentina v Portugal World Cup final might look like behind the scenes if world-renowned players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo face each other (186,000 views)TikTok/themasterbucks

More of the hilarious Zoolander memes can be found here.

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