F1 fans react to Miami GP's fake marina with hilarious memes

F1 fans react to Miami GP's fake marina with hilarious memes
Lewis Hamilton talks the upcoming Formula One race in Miami this Weekend

Formula One fans are gearing up for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix this weekend - but the sporting event has already sparked memes due to the circuit's fake marina.

The upcoming race weekend in Magic City is the first of two in America this season, with a second taking place in Austin Texas later this year in October.

It appears the Miami circuit design - which includes parked yachts on fake water sticker flooring - is aimed at channeling the historic Monaco Grand Prix with its seafront views known for oozing glamour and prestige.

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While there have been comparisons between Miami and Monaco in terms of their appeal, F1 fans have mocked the addition of the fake marina and sea declaring it as a "knock off Monaco," as images appeared showing the water stickers being added in.

So spectators will want to think twice before attempting to jump in and attempt to cool off from the Miami heat...

Soon enough, F1 fans got creative with the fake marina backdrop and made some hilarious memes.

"Me after paying $2,000 for a standing ticket," Twitter user Matt Amys wrote.

This accompanied an edit of a person jumping into the fake marina cannonball style only to be slammed by the floor on impact, and the tweet has since received nearly 100,000 likes.

While for some it remained them of certain video games from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, to Super Mario 64.

Daniel Ricciardo celebrated his 2018 Monaco Grand Prix win by swan diving into a pool, and a fan edited this elegant dive onto the fake marina.

Perhaps we can expect a recreation of this if the McLaren driver wins in Miami this weekend, although Ricciardo would need to prepare for a hard landing if he attempted it there...

Let's hope nobody attempt to jump in or they could end up like Jeremy Clarkson in this clip.

Jesus even made an appearance in one edit - he does like to walk on water after all.

Everybody's F1 favourite Guenther Steiner even made an edited appearance, with the Haas team principal posing alongside an Aldi boat (the original image was part of the supermarket's ad campaign) parked in the marina.

Some couldn't quite believe what they were seeing and others also noted how ironic it would be if it began to rain on the fake water during the race this weekend.

F1 Manager 2022 perfectly summed up how the marina memes had taken over F1 Twitter.

Sky Sports F1 present Craig Slater looked like he had a whale of a time giving viewers a tour of the fake marina and even jumped into the fake water himself.

"It's not real water at all, they didn't get the permission to run the track around the bay so they've come up with a solution," Slater said which he called "enhanced reality" with "spectacular imagery of a marina without actually having one."

"My problem was always the backstroke but here I can manage it," the presenter joked as he lay on the floor and demonstrated his swimming skills to viewers.

American fans of F1 can expect more racing in the future as a new race is set to be added to the calendar in Las Vegas from the 2023 season onwards, as the sport has grown in popularity in the States in recent years.

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