'I Believe in Joe Hendry:' Wrestler's theme tune rockets to top of UK charts

'I Believe in Joe Hendry:' Wrestler's theme tune rockets to top of UK charts
"I Believe In Joe Hendry" - Official Music Video (Impact Wrestling 2023)

Scottish professional wrestler Joe Hendry is looking to make history on Friday as he hopes to land a UK number one single with his own theme tune 'I Believe In Joe Hendry.'

Hendry, who is 36-year-old and currently wrestles for Total Nonstop Action in the United States has made a reputation of producing comedy songs aimed at his opponents in the squared circle.

The grappler and musician, who is from Edinburgh, produced the his entrance theme 'I Believe in Joe Hendry' way back in 2019 (an accompanying music video was made in 2023) but was officially released the song as a single on streaming platforms in April 2024, leading to a surprising amount of interest thanks to his hilarious meme-driven campaign.

At the time of writing the song is currently number one on the iTunes UK charts and has been out-performing releases from major artists such as Taylor Swift and Hozier. The song is also number 7 in Ireland and within the top 70 in the United States.

Whether Hendry can actually make the number one slot in the official UK charts remains to be seen but he could chart very highly even if he doesn't quite reach the top spot. The official chart rankings are revealed on Friday at 5:45 pm.

In an update posted on Thursday, Hendry revealed that he had seen the sales data for the song and that they were "way ahead on actual sales" and that he was "potentially getting 80,000 streams a day, maybe more."

The song itself is just 72 seconds and is written and performed by Hendry himself and is largely about how he is loved all over the world, and rightly so.

We believe in Joe Hendry. Good luck.

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