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Today is International Yoga Day, and to mark it, we've decided to collate all of the best yoga-related memes for your enjoyment. Get stuck in!

Whether you've been practising your downward dog religiously, or you're finally close to nailing that illusive headstand, then these memes will definitely tickle your fancy.

It goes without saying that the benefits of practising yoga are manifold. Not only can it help you lose weight and tone up, but it's also excellent for helping with mental health, too.

Specific health improvements of regularly practising yoga include improved flexibility, increased muscle strength, better bone health, improving your happiness and wellbeing, helping with sleep, and even increasing your self-esteem, to name a few.

So, in honour of a day dedicated to yoga, get your downward dog on, but most importantly, have a giggle at these memes.

1. When you nail the 'dome' pose.

Downward dog to... squirrel!

3. Well, we all love yoga more than our ex, right?

4. Nailing that vinyasa ashtanga flow like...

5. Sunrise yoga? Ermmm, nope, we're already tired tomorrow!

5. Get your chaturanga on!

6. It helps with all the... psychological damage!

7. There are no two ways about it, it makes life more 'bear-able'.

8. Does yoga miss me, tho?

9. It can all get a bit... overwhelming, no?

10. How yogis save people seats!

11. There's the expectation... then there's the reality...

12. Will I EVER find my chill?

13. I'll be right down the front!

14. Do you understand the chakras? No, us neither.

15. If you're avoiding it, you need it!

16. Where that inner peace at?

17. Savasna vibes!

18. Let yesterday go, people.

19. Yoga is one of the things that keeps me going!

20. There is NO SHAME in needing help to do a headstand!

Annnddd, breathe. Namaste!

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