Jake Paul mocks Floyd Mayweather with a tattoo of his hat after stealing it during brawl

Jake Paul mocks Floyd Mayweather with a tattoo of his hat after stealing it during brawl
Jake Paul/ Instagram/ TikTok

We live in a society where YouTubers can not get into altercations with professional boxers and then mock the athlete by getting a tattoo of the incident.

If you are not in the know, the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has agreed to fight Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in a professional boxing match on 6th June in Miami.

During a heated press conference on Thursday which predictably got out of hand, Paul’s brother, Jake Paul got into Mayweather’s face and swiped the boxer’s cap in the process.

As always, there is a certain amount of pomp and circumstance with these types of incidents as both fighters want to promote the fight so a little bit of hijinx goes a long way in doing just that so believe it or not.

One thing that is very real though is the tattoo that Paul got of Mayweather’s hat following the scuffle. The small bit of ink simply says ‘gotcha hat’ and an illustration of the cap.

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It would seem that the swiping of the hat wasn’t a spontaneous event but something that Paul, who has also taken up boxing, planned in advance.

In a TikTok that the 24-year-old released after the brawl he claimed that he was going to steal Mayweather’s hat. What he didn’t plan on was getting a black eye and a bloody lip.

Paul suggested that it was one of Mayweather’s bodyguards that got the shot in on his eye which he had a huge amount of respect for.

Paul also said that he is willing to die for the hat after hearing rumours that Mayweather was “sending goons after me.” He also mocked the boxer for having ‘boring fights.’

Bizarrely this isn’t the first time their paths have crossed. In an old video that was reshared by Paul, Mayweather can be seen giving the aspiring boxer some tips.

Paul has already changed his Twitter username to ‘Gotcha Hat’ and released merchandise. Credit where credit is due, the man is industrious.

Of course, this is all just bravado for the upcoming fight but don’t be surprised to see the younger Paul have some involvement in the card.

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