'12-year-old' youth footballer Jeremiah Johnson has people stunned

'12-year-old' youth footballer Jeremiah Johnson has people stunned
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The most talked-about American footballer on the internet this week isn’t Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, it’s a youth player from Texas.

Jeremiah Johnson from Fort Worth has come to the attention of thousands of social media users after winning an MVP honors award at the Youth National Championships in Miami over the weekend.

He’s clearly an impressive young talent, but it’s his age that’s taking people by surprise.

Despite being a big physical presence, an actual moustache and what appears to be a tattoo on his arm, Johnson is only 12.

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Most 12-year-olds spend their time sitting around playing video games or riding their bikes in the park, but Johnson looks like he’s already busy paying off his mortgage and racking up the gains in the gym.

Johnson has left the internet baffledInstagram/@callme_mr.4x_

A TikTok user by the name of @hoodnews24 posted a video of himself talking to the young athlete who revealed he wasn’t even a teenager yet.

The running back shocked the internet after revealing his age – and some TikTok users are convinced he can’t be so young.

“He might’ve graduated in 2012,” one joked in the comment section, while another said: “Y’all misunderstanding, he ran for 12 touchdowns.”


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“Yk he had to double itttt” one more wrote and another said: “Bro at least 30.”

The athlete has also posted himself holding the trophy he won at the weekend and shared updates from his games on Instagram.

It looks like he’s got a very bright future ahead of him in the game – keep an eye out for Johnson in the future.

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