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Peter Crouch has today announced his retirement from football at the age of 38 after 21 years in the game.

The former England international who scored more than 200 goals in his career for the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham and Stoke was something of an iconic figure in the sport.

Crouch confirmed the news on Twitter on Friday morning, thanking those that helped him during his career and acknowledging some of his achievement along the way.

Not because of his ability on the ball but his large and wirey frame which often cut an unusual presence on the football pitch but more often than not proved to be of an advantage to him.

However, it was also the source of many jokes and after he announced his retirement, a deluge of gags about his towering frame started to appear on Twitter.

Some came from his fellow professional footballers.

We really don't need reminding of the robot dance celebration, though.

Here are some pictures of him awkwardly attempting to play golf with a club that is far too small for him.

And with some giraffes...

Oh yeah and don't forget that missed penalty against Jamaica...

Still, even though he will no longer be on the pitch it doesn't look like the jokes are going to dry up any time soon.

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