Top referee wants to make these four major change to rules of football

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Football is great. Millions around the world are obsessed with it, and it’s the most popular sport on the planet – but could it be improved?

Patrick Ittrich is a referee in the German Bundesliga, and he’s proposed four rule changes which he believes would make the sport a better prospect for fans and referees alike.

Ittrich spoke to German publication FAZ Sport and began by suggesting a new free kick law which might help games flow more naturally.

He suggested that any player who commits a tactical foul in order to stop opposition attacks would concede a free-kick closer to their own goal.

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“For a tactical foul in midfield, a free kick should be awarded 17 metres from goal," Ittrich commented. "How often would we see such fouls then?”

Next, he suggested that anyone who pretends to require medical attention should spend a minimum of three minutes off the pitch while the game continues in a bid to cut down on simulation.

Is Ittrich right?Cathrin Mueller/Getty Images

“If a player rolls on the floor three times and needs a doctor, get him one and make him wait outside for three minutes. How quickly do you think the player will stand up?”

He also wants to protect officials a lot more and called for players to be punished with a 10-minute “cool down” if they abuse the referee.

“If a player insults a referee, send them outside for 10 minutes to cool down. Go cycling to warm up before coming back in. We can learn from handball in that respect,” he said.

Finally, he wanted to make sure that referees aren’t constantly surrounded by players during the game by seeing referees red card more players for crowding around them.

He added: “How is a referee surrounded by 10 men after a decision? In my opinion, boom, boom, boom – three red cards. Play seven against ten now. That’d be fine by me."

Would the game be better for these changes?

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