San Marino's goalkeeper briefly appears to forget one of the most basic rules of football


San Marino were soundly beaten, as they invariably are, over the weekend.

The 6-0 defeat to Scotland is par for the course for a country with the second smallest population of any UEFA member.

Considered the worst international side in football history, San Marino have won just one of the 160 matches they’ve played and scored only 23 goals.

While the defeat is hardly unexpected, San Marino’s goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini did manage to surprise people by seemingly forgetting the rules of football, at one point simply picking the ball up outside his box in a clear contravention of the game’s laws.

Apparently the truth of the matter is that the keeper believed the referee had given Scotland a free-kick but, as is obvious, was sadly mistaken.

Regardless people couldn't quite believe what they had just seen.

Being a San Marino fan calls to mind the old Jasper Carrot line about his beloved Birmingham City: “You lose some, you draw some.”

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