13 best one-liners from Stephen Tries at the Sidemen charity match

13 best one-liners from Stephen Tries at the Sidemen charity match

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If the drama on the pitch at the Sidemen charity match wasn’t enough, then the one-liners from commentator Stephen “Stephen Tries” Lawson got people talking online, as he took aim at the likes of KSI, MrBeast and IShowSpeed in his analysis.

Joined by Hashtag United founder Spencer Owen, the YouTuber – who has more than a million subscribers on the platform – narrated the match which resulted in an 8-5 win for Sidemen FC.

So, allow us to recap all of the greatest witticisms the content creator rolled out:

“Speed, quick as a flash – although… I shouldn’t say flash, actually”

Commenting on the streamer’s remarkable pace on the pitch, Lawson referred to last month’s scandal surrounding Speed where he accidentally exposed himself to fans during a YouTube livestream.

“Chris MD there, just speaking to a woman saying how hot he is – have a day off, lad”

A brutal joke given YouTuber Chris Dixon reportedly split from his girlfriend earlier this year.

“Simon is a born winner. The only thing he’s ever lost is my invite to his wedding.”

Simon “Miniminter” Minter married singer Talia Mar earlier this year.

“MrBeast, the most subbed man on YouTube. What does that tell you? He’s got bad stamina!”

A cheeky play on words about MrBeast and his 182 million subscribers.

“WillNE is wearing a camera on his chest, but as we all know, it can take time to get used to playing with a strap on”

No need for an explanation here...

“Harry pictured his mother’s face in the top corner”

Referencing the infamous 2017 video in which Harry “WroeToShaw” Lewis hit his mum in the face with a football, Stephen Tries pulled out this one-liner when the YouTuber scored the fifth goal for Sidemen FC in the second half.

“I’ve never been more worried about a sub since the OceanGate incident.”

One of Lawson’s edgier remarks, referring to the tragic implosion of the Titan submersible during its venture to the Titanic in July.

“He’s great with his hands, even better with his elbows, it’s KSI.”

KSI was in goal for this match, in order to avoid an injury ahead of his fight against Tommy Fury next month, and that led to a range of hand-related jokes about the boxer’s previous matches.

This one concerned his bout against Joe Fournier which was ruled a “no contest” instead of a knockout after cameras picked up on his elbow connecting with his opponent’s face before he fell to the floor.

“Great preparation for him catching Tommy Fury’s hands next month”

The match takes place in Manchester on October 14.

“KSI’s feeling the fury now”

An easy pun, of course, in reference to KSI's rising anger at his team's defence on the pitch.

“I’m not going anywhere,” says Harry - that was actually when he was defending the statue of Churchill, but we won’t go into that”

Sidemen member Harry Lewis is known for making edgier jokes than the rest of the group - including on Brexit, refugees and immigration – and was the only member of the Sidemen to not issue an apology following a Sidemen upload which saw KSI say a racial slur.

“Filly, a Columbian export with a powerful kick – I’ve had that before”

Rapper Yung Filly played for the YouTube All-Stars during the match at London Stadium.

“Mr Beast cured 100 people’s blindness, Deji wasn’t one of them”

When KSI’s brother Deji Olatunji was spotted wearing goggles on the pitch, Lawson brought up a recent upload by the most-subscribed YouTuber in which he paid for cataract surgery for 1,000 blind people (not the 100 people Stephen claimed).

And away from Stephen Tries’ comedy, YouTuber Max Fosh got a few laughs when he responded to the first booking of the match with the good ol' Uno reverse card for referee Mark Clattenburg in the 77th minute.


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