Woman who found an '8k couch' on the street sparks viral debate about bed bugs and knock offs

Amanda Joy finding and cleaning the coach she found

Amanda Joy finding and cleaning the coach she found

@yafavv.mandaa on TikTok

A woman has sparked a debate across social media after finding an abandoned couch on the street and taking it back to her apartment.

Creator Amanda Joy posted a TikTok of the ‘dream couch’ she had found on the street in New York showing the process of getting it into her apartment.

Joy believed the couch to be the $8,000 ‘Bubble’ couch from French brand Roche Bobois. Posted on Saturday, the TikTok now has over 40 million views, and over 4 million likes.

The rest of the TikTok showed Joy’s dad picking up the couch in his van and the process of cleaning the couch, before moving it into her apartment.

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However, the now viral TikTok has led to some saying the couch is a fake, and others being concerned about bed bugs.

User @boymolish shared the TikTok to Twitter with the caption ‘WHY TF AM I NEVER THIS LUCKY’, and the Tweet had many saying that Joy had not cleaned it enough:

Some argued that if you throw an 8k coach on the street there has to be an reason, implying that there was something wrong with it.

But some disagreed, saying if you’re rich enough, it’s not a big deal to give away such expensive items for free.

Others did some digging and argued that it wasn’t an authentic ‘Bubble’ couch, with one Twitter user comparing the material of the couch Joy now had in her apartment, to the one on the website.

As a result of the growing debate around her TikTok, Joy posted an update video, specifically responding to a comment that said ‘it looks so good but I’m SO SCARED about it being BED BUG CENTRAL.’

Joy shared with users that the couch was outside on the street for less than 24 hours. She added that they let the couch sit in her dad’s workshop for over two weeks to ensure they couldn’t see any bed bugs. Joy also told viewers that the reason she thought it had been thrown out is because it has ‘a lot of rips,’ which she has covered with pillows, and ‘has some stains.’

At the end of the video, Joy also showed the tag, ‘for anyone who wants to tell me it’s fake.’

Some viewers were still convinced it wasn’t clean enough, suggesting she should get it professionally cleaned and reupholstered. Whilst others said as long as Joy was happy with it, they didn’t care.

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