The 'Boy Dinner' TikTok trend explained

The 'Boy Dinner' TikTok trend explained
What Is TikTok's 'Girl Dinner' Trend?

TikTok had recently been taken over by the "Girl Dinner" trend where women post their snacks or a charcuterie board they have made or alternatively share their favourite things to eat.

But now the boys have joined in on the viral trend with their own spin as they reveal their "Boy Dinners".

While neat trays of snacks (or picky bits) were popular for girl dinners, boy dinners look a little different...

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Here is a round-up of the best boy dinner videos:

Arkane Skye’s (@arkaneskye) boy dinner featured leftover pizza under a duvet in a dirty bedroom.


boy dinner #boydinner #girldinner @karma carr

While for Caine (@cccaine), Mountain Dew was top of the list for boy dinner - though many women argued in the comments section that this could also be a girl dinner staple too.

Frozen pizza, deli meats, potato chips, and no vegetables were listed as some of the qualities that make a boy dinner according to Bryan (@bryaninheelee).

"If you're wondering what boy dinner is, go to your local supermarket at 6.30pm and stand behind a single man and see what's in his basket," he added.


What is boy dinner #girldinner #fyp

For Zai (@_.zestyzai) a "boy dinner" means cooking packets of ramen noodles - a quick and easy meal to make.


BOY DINNER #boydinner #ramen #ramennoodles #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trans #transgender #ftm #🏳️‍⚧️ #🏳️‍🌈 #lgbt #xyzbca

So there you have it, boy dinner...

Elsewhere, TikTok's “Girl Dinner” trend can definitely agree on one thing - they'll be cutting down on bread after people were left disgusted after learning there are 'human' ingredients in the food.

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