De-influencing is TikTok’s latest trend and it’s all about hating on things

De-influencing is TikTok’s latest trend and it’s all about hating on things
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TikTok’s influence is so powerful that it can sell out recommended makeup and beauty products within minutes.

Every day people share their must-have beauty and lifestyle products but rarely do people hear about the ones they don’t like.

That’s where de-influencing comes in.

The recent trend encourages people to share what popular products they did not like and why in an effort to help others save on consumption and money.

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From the Dyson Airwrap to Charlotte Tilbury makeup products to Colleen Hoover novels, TikTokers are giving alternative recommendations that they claim are “better” and cheaper.

TikToker alyssastephanie posed a video recommending people swap out pricy "cult favorites" with cheaper alternatives.

Rather than purchase the Dyson Airwrap, Alyssa told followers to, "Save your money, go on Amazon, spend $30" to achieve a beautiful blow-out hairstyle.


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Dr. Prem Tripathi told his 600k followers to save money and avoid a hyaluronic acid serum. Instead, he recommended a Golden Girls mug.

Another TikToker, livvvmarkley, gave followers her honest opinion about why she doesn’t like the popular sunscreen product, Supergood Unseen Sunscreen.

“I love Supergoop products but I hate this one,” she said telling followers the texture bothered her.


These might be controversial but oh well lol #QuakerPregrain #ReadySetLift #skincareyoudontneed #deinfluencing #skincare #skintok

The de-influencing trend has also been praised for helping people become more sustainable by avoiding purchasing items they do not need.

It’s easy to get sucked into the TikTok vortex of things you don’t need. But de-influencing encourages people to think thoughtfully before they make purchases so they can reduce waste.

“The overconsumption on this app is absolutely wild, TikTok spending coach Paige said. “I want you to know that if your life does not look like the lives of the influencers that you see on this app it is ok.”


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The de-influencing hashtag has over 75 million views on TikTok as people seem to appreciate the transparency and push to become more thoughtful, sustainable buyers.

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