American tourist goes viral for climbing Edinburgh landmark

American tourist goes viral for climbing Edinburgh landmark

American tourist goes viral for climbing Edinburgh landmark


An American tourist who hilariously documented the challenges of hiking up to the famous Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh has gone viral on TikTok.

Arthur's Seat is an iconic landmark located in Scotland's capital, it's an ancient volcano which is the main peak within a group of hills that overlook the city, so it has some incredible views once you reach the top.

It has been used TV and films, with Arthur's Seat most recently featuring in the heart-wrenching Netflix series One Day where main characters Emma and Dexter hike up it the day after they first met, and is a poignant location for their relationship as Dexter returns there in the final episode.

Back in in February 2022, TikToker Devrie Brynn (@devriebrynn) travelled across the pond from Los Angeles where she decided to hike up to Arthur's Seat to celebrate her 30th birthday.

"Today is my 30th birthday and instead of having some kind of crisis about it, which would be silly, I just quit my job and flew to Scotland with no money or plans or friends. But I feel good and 'right as rain'." (in a Scottish accent)," she explained in the video.

A red-faced Devrie then goes on to compare hiking in sunny LA to a much colder Scotland, where she jokingly noted how people in Scotland always ask if she's okay.

"So is hiking in Scotland any better than hiking in LA? Thank you for asking, I'd love to tell you. Yeah it's prettier, yeah it's colder and sure everything's better in Scotland, but is hiking? No and I'll tell you why. There's very hot men running by me in kilts...

She continued: "...since everyone's so god darn friendly, they're like 'you alright?' [in a Scottish accent].

"Do I look alright to you, Angus? No, no I'm not alright, I'm f***ing dying on these trails mate. I cannae do it, I'm no' alright," as she kept up the Scottish brogue.


I can abandon my life but I cannot abandon the red, sweaty reality of my face #edinburghtiktokers #scotland #kiltsoftiktok #outlander

Devrie isn't alone in struggling with the climb up Arthur's Seat since in the One Day series we see Dexter similarly finding the hike challenging.

Since sharing her video, it has received over 4.8m views, as people could also relate to Devrie's experience when hiking.

One person said: "Devrie in Scotland is way better than Emily in Paris."

"Got off a plane, jet lagged, and my sister made me hike Ben Nevis. Worst day of my life," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Omg is that Arthur’s seat?! Legit the hardest hike and I did several when I was in Scotland. The straight up hill was too much haha"

"Arthur’s seat?? I cursed the entire way up," a fourth person commented.

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