Emily Mariko's 'ugly' tote bag stuns internet by selling out despite eye watering cost

Emily Mariko's 'ugly' tote bag stuns internet by selling out despite eye watering cost

An influencer's tote bag has struck up a debate online with people baffled by the price tag.

Emily Mariko (@emilymariko) took to TikTok with a video advertising her farmers market tote bag available in the colours eucalyptus and strawberry milk.

The clip was viewed over 6.5 million views, with one person calling it out as an "objectively really ugly bag".

"Tomorrow, my farmers market totes will be available at 12pm EST on my site Emily Mariko," influencer Emily told her 12.7 million followers. "You'll be able to go to the link in my bio and click in to shop and I'm so excited and I hope you guys love them."

The TikTok was soon flooded with thousands of comments discussing the cost.

"$120 and it doesn’t even close pls," one person wrote, while another asked: "Can you explain why they’re so insanely expensive?"

"This looks like a freebie gift bag with purchase," a third person candidly wrote.

Another suggested that the bag was more expensive than their actual groceries.

"So I either buy groceries for $120, or a grocery bag for $120 with no money to make use of it," they penned.

Despite the debate, the bags have seemingly already sold out online, with one fellow TikToker claiming: "I’m a small business owner and when you see 'sold out' it's part of marketing."

"The Farmers Market Tote is an extra large tote designed for grocery runs, overnight trips, and weekly stock-ups at the farmers market. Made with soft brushed canvas, it features a large interior zip-closure hanging pocket, as well as an exterior pocket to store your phone," the description reads.

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