Groom interrupts own wedding to reveal stunning betrayal

Groom interrupts own wedding to reveal stunning betrayal

Groom interrupts own wedding to reveal bride’s affair with brother-in-law


Often a lot of planning goes into a wedding to make it memorable - but one couple's big day was unforgettable for a different reason.

Resurfaced footage that went viral in 2019, showed how a groom decided his wedding day was the perfect venue to expose his bride's affair as an X-rated clip showed her in bed with another man was played on screen.

The wedding which took place in China, appeared to be running smoothly as the bride in her white dress walked down the aisle and the couple then stood together on stage.

Things took a dramatic turn when the X-rated video appeared in the background via an on-screen projector

The video went viral once again in 2022, after it was re-uploaded on TikTok by @koolprince33.

"The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with pregnant sister's husband in front of everybody," the on-screen text read.

“Did you think I didn’t know about this?” the groom exclaimed.

Things kick off as both sides of the family run towards the stage as they attempt to separate the two as the video suddenly ends.


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The reshared TikTok has since received 18.3m views, 2.1m views, and tens of thousands of comments from people who shared their thoughts on the way the groom exposed his bride's cheating.

One person said: "'Why waste thousands if he knew?' Satisfaction people. Embarrassing her in front of everyone was probably worth it for him."

"This is the wedding Panic At The Disco was talking about," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Got her parents to waste all that money on the wedding."

"'It’s not about the money…. It’s about sending a message' -Joker," a fourth person commented.

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