What is the 'marinated Diet Coke' trend on TikTok?

What is the 'marinated Diet Coke' trend on TikTok?

What is the 'marinated Diet Coke' trend on TikTok?


There is nothing better than a cold refreshing drink, and TikToker's recent beverage of choice is a "marinated Diet Coke" and it's part of a wider trend.

But what exactly makes it different from a standard drink?

Coca-Cola is an iconic brand and their carbonated soft drinks are available in a plastic bottle, a glass bottle and a can which can influence the beverage's taste profile, as well as whether the drink is frozen, chilled or at room temperature - ice or no ice.

Now the latest trend on TikTok is to have a "marinated Diet Coke" which TikToker Kristen (@hauskris) has demonstrated how to make in her videos - and she has it down to an exact science.

“I just got home from a trip that was over a week-long… I don’t know if you guys understand what this means for me — I’ve had a Diet Coke marinating in the fridge for 10 days - 10 days!" she exclaimed.


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Kristen then loaded her glass up with pebbled ice and shared the importance of keeping the can in the fridge over a number of days.

“I center myself on the values, principles, and beliefs that the best diet cokes are those that come in a can that has been marinating in the fridge over at least three days."

She added that three days is “preferred” while five days are "really good," but the time frame that is "phenomenal" is anything over a week, while a Coke chilled in the fridge for a fortnight makes for a "really crispy Diet Coke”.

Although Kristen appreciates "the beauty of a plain, crisp Diet Coke" she does add a "true lime" to her drink.

“You know I can’t live without a true lime," the TikToker said, as she showed the bag of limes she keeps frozen for this purpose.

“This is what’s really going to set this over the edge… do you hear that fizz? That’s the sound of beauty. That’s the sound of deliciousness. That’s the sound of delectable. That’s the sound of a perfect Diet Coke."

Since sharing her "marinated Diet Coke" Kristen's video has received more than 1.8 million views,

The official Diet Coke TikTok gave its seal of approval, and wrote: "Nothing like the first sip of a marinated Diet Coke."

"Even crispier when they come from the garage fridge," one person said.

Another person added: "My mom has been doing this since the 90s (frozen lime too)."

"This should be a Super Bowl commercial," someone else commented, while a fourth person replied: "This is literally a step-by-step of my actual #1 guilty pleasure."

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