Pinkydoll threatens legal action after intimate images are leaked online

Pinkydoll threatens legal action after intimate images are leaked online
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The famous TikTok star Pinkydoll, who has shot to recognition in recent months thanks to the NPC trend, is threatening legal action after her private nudes from OnlyFans were leaked online.

The viral Canadian star, known for her 'ice cream so good' catchphrase, posted a video on August 2nd, claiming that she had found numerous websites that were hosting intimate images of her that had been stolen from OnlyFans.

In the clip, Pinkydoll claims that she had Googled "Pinkydoll naked" and was greeted with several results.

Understandably incensed, she lashed out at the unnamed sites who she is now threatening legal action against. She said: "I see all these websites. How dare you, you going to let other people put my face and my body out here doing stuff like that"

"I’m going to sue all of you, I’m going to sue you. You allow the people to post Pinkydoll.”


Google , how can you aloud that ? #viral #ptp #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #fyp #expose #google

Prior to this, she also claimed that she had seen nude images of herself on Twitter. Tearful she said: “You wanna put your nose in my business? Blow everything, everywhere. How dare you take my stuff and put it out here, like it’s nothing.”

In a more recent video, she claims that the person who exposed her was an unnamed friend but also appeared to use the opportunity to promote. her new song 'Ice Cream So Good.'


I thought she was my friend 😤 #viral #ptp #fyp #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydollreal #pinkydoll #icecreamsogood

This is just one string of a series of controversies that have dogged Pinkydoll's rise to stardom. Amid releasing her debut song, Pinkydoll also received backlash for claiming that she had been given a contract in Hollywood, despite there being an actor and writer strike currently ongoing.

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