Sabrina Carpenter apologises after child sings explicit version of 'Please Please Please'

Sabrina Carpenter apologises after child sings explicit version of 'Please Please Please'
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Sabrina Carpenter's latest single 'Please, Please, Please' is everywhere at the moment after storming up the charts.

Following the success of her previous single 'Espresso,' the 25-year-old dropped the catchy pop ballad with country and disco influences earlier this month.

In the music video, Carpenter recruited her real-life boyfriend and actor Barry Keoghan to play the convict she falls in love with after meeting in jail but Carpenter's character gets shocked and embarrassed at the crimes he commits.

It's no surprise that the song has become an online sensation on platforms such as TikTok - and one mother has gone viral for sharing her child singing 'Please, Please, Please' - including the explicit lyric.

The chorus of the song goes: "Please, please, please / Don’t prove I’m right / And please, pleasе, please /Don’t bring me to tеars when I just did my makeup so nice."

And it's this part that has the swear word:"Heartbreak is one thing, my ego’s another / I beg you, don’t embarrass me, motherf****r, oh /Please, please, please."

Taking to TikTok, mother Brielle Cherie (@briellecherie) posted a video of herself singing 'Please, Please, Please' while doing her makeup and when the swear word comes up she doesn't sing it.

However, her young son is clearly a Sabrina fan as he can be heard off-camera singing "motherf****r" part, much to the shock of his mum whose jaw drops as she looks at the camera.

"MOMS… be careful out there," the TikToker warned in the caption.


MOMS… be careful out there.. 😅

The video has received 10.3m views and people in the comments were amused by Brielle's clip.

One person said: "LMAO i’ve been singing 'mothertrucker' or humming bc my child has echolalia and I’m so scared she’ll scream it out in public."

"My girl thinks it says mother BLAH BLAH because I scream that when she’s in the car," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Love how the kid tried to play it off with the please please please."

"Tbf he captured the essence perfectly," a fourth person commented.

The TikTok even caught the attention of Sabrina herself who apologised to Brielle and reassured her that she has released a clean version of the song.

"Just dropped the clean I am so sorry," she wrote, which has over 459,000 likes.

The comment Sabrina left on the viral TikTokSabrina Carpenter

In the clean version of the song Sabrina sings "little sucker" instead of "mother*****r" and no doubt Brielle will be playing this version from here on out.

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