What is 'skin flooding' and why won't TikTok shut up about it?

What is 'skin flooding' and why won't TikTok shut up about it?
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'Skin flooding' is the latest buzzword taking over TikTok with thousands of viral videos flooding the platform. In a matter of months, we've seen skincare gurus, influencers and popular TikTokers jump online to share exactly how they do it.

Now, not to burst any bubbles but while the name may sound intimidating, it's actually nothing new. It's simply a very basic skincare method that TikTok has made sound trendier.

"Most people are probably already doing it without even knowing – especially if they suffer from dry, flaky skin," Daniel Isaacs, director of Research at Medik8, told Indy100.

For the blissfully unaware, the TikTok trend is essentially a routine that quenches dehydrated skin through layering products in a particular order to maintain long-lasting hydration.

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"By layering multiple water-based serums, moisturising toners and lightweight creams you can deeply penetrate the skin helping to achieve longer-lasting hydration," Isaacs added.

"To boost product benefits always layer products from thinnest to thickest to maximise their penetration & results on the skin."

You can see some examples here:


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While there are many viral TikTok tutorials to choose from, the spa team at Gomersal Park Hotel told Spa Seekers that the method is "particularly beneficial in the winter months" as the temperature has a very drying and dehydrating effect on the skin.

"The practice of skin flooding ensures the trans epidermal water loss is kept to a minimum," they said. "Each product molecules are different sized and will enter a different layer of the epidermis, giving skin the ultimate drink. After waking from a skin flood, your skin will feel brighter, plump, healthy and more radiant."

As for any potential risks, the TikTok trend is pretty safe. However, poor preparation of the skin can lead to breakouts as a result of dirt being stuck in the pores.

"As long as you use the right products for your skin type you shouldn’t have any adverse reactions," Sarah at Gomersal Park Hotel said, adding: "We would always suggest speaking to your GP or a qualified professional if you suffer from active acne or other medical skin problems before you do a ‘skin flood’"

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