Taylor Swift lookalike creates petition so swifties will stop harassing her

Taylor Swift lookalike creates petition so swifties will stop harassing her
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Sorry, the lookalike Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s defending herself against bullying from swifties.

Ashley Leechin, a 29-year-old mom and nurse, has made a name for herself on TikTok for looking like Taylor Swift.

With over one million followers, Leechin has become well-known for her striking resemblance to the Midnights singer. But now she’s trying to separate herself from Swift in a petition.

Leechin claims Swifties on TikTok have cyberbullied, harassed, and defamed her by spreading rumors that she’s trying to “live” like Swift and had plastic surgery to look like her among other things.

“Some Swifties have taken to the internet to defame my name & one in particular has a video on their page comparing me to a murderer. This is not okay & should not be taken lightly,” Leechin wrote on her Change.org petition.

In 18 different bullet points, Leechin addressed rumors and set the record straight about herself.

“I have 2 children, a husband, a cat family & I am a licensed Registered Nurse who makes content on social media as well as pursuing an acting career. I do not aspire to write music, sing or play a musical instrument,” Leechin said in her petition.


It can get a little scary ( in a good way) but this is me dressing up head to toe in the full Tayla vibe vs the “scary” PJs with my coffee in hand look 🫶🏼 #bejeweled #cosplay #dressup #taylorswiftcosplay

Some of the things Leechin clarified are that she did not vote for Donald Trump, has never been fired during her nursing career, is not against the LGBTQ+ community, did not steal Swift’s favorite number, and never had “plastic surgery” to look like Swift.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Leechin said she has been mistaken for the musician most of her life.

But besides their looks, the two apparently share some common interests like cats and Grey’s Anatomy as well as their birthdays being on the 13th.

The 29-year-old described herself as a fellow Swift fan who enjoys “cosplaying” as the singer occasionally just for fun.


😹 #cardib #blueface #cattok He was like woman what are you doing to me?!

Leechin also addressed rumors about being invited to the Grammy’s.

Earlier this month, Leechin revealed in a TikTok that she was supposed to go to the Grammy’s but the company taking her “misled” her and “made too big of promises.”

People accused Leechin of lying about the situation which she says she did not provide “any false information” about.

“A lot of the Swifties I have encountered don’t stand by what Taylor Swift stands by,” Leechin told Rolling Stone. “Randomly bullying [someone] — I feel like Taylor Swift wouldn’t condone that type of behavior.”

Leechin has 360/500 signatures on her petition so far.

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