Taylor Swift fans are loving 'really catchy' parody song about Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift fans are loving 'really catchy' parody song about Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Impact Continuing Post-Super Bowl
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Taylor Swift fans have been pranking their fellow Swifties by making them believe a new song from the singer has leaked, when all is not what it seems...

There is no new leaked song from Swift, in reality it is an AI parody song about the popstar's romance with Travis Kelce.

But it hasn't stopped people playing the track to dupe their loved ones into thinking they're hearing new material, and at first they believe it.

That's because it sounds just like the 'Anti-Hero' singer thanks to AI technology and a beat that sounds like a Swift song, however, people soon realise the tune isn't a leaked song because the track has some pretty cringe lyrics.

"So happy that my Travy made it to the big game, one step closer to Kelce being my last name," AI Taylor sings.

“If you win a ring, I want one too… we can celebrate with a midfield kiss."

In one clip, TikToker's Liv & Cami (@oliviaandcami) went viral as one played the prank on the other who was unaware at first and looked surprised and proceeded to cover her hands with her face in concern.


She was so disappointed #taylorswift #swifttok

Since then, it has received over 7.7m views, as people shared their thoughts on how similar the AI track sounded to an actual Taylor Swift song.

One person said: "I should’ve said this to my friends before i showed them omg."

"No why does it sound real," another person wrote.

A third person added: "Sounds like every other Taylor Swift song to me."

"Crazy that the voice actually sounds like Taylor, but the lyrics are so obviously a hack job," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "Worst part is it’s really catchy," and another commented agreed: "WHY IS IT SO GOOD GOODBYE."

If Swifties want to hear actual new music from Swift herself, they will have to wait until her latest album The Tortured Poets Department is released on April 19.

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