TikToker brands college a scam after being left unable to find a job

TikToker brands college a scam after being left unable to find a job
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Further education at college is the career route a lot of us to improve our job prospects, however one TikToker has vented about how the experience has not helped her secure a job.

TikToker Alison Johnson (@fitnesswithalison), from Huntsville, Alabama posted a video in her car while on her way to work to note you need experience along with a college degree to get a well-paid job.

"I have a bone to pick with America," she exclaimed at the beginning of the video.

"So I'm heading to my serving job... I f***ing hate it."

"We wanna make more money serving, I have my literal business marketing degree that put me in a cute $80,000 debt and I make more serving sushi rolls.

After applying for market jobs the last few weeks, Alison noted how the pay cut is "insane" but added the jobs that are like cute hundred fifty to two hundred thousand a year, I'm not getting those."

She notes how she's almost 25 years old who is "going against corporate ass America," as she people have "so much experience" compared to her who says a degree is all she's got.

"People say 'get your degree,' but don't talk about how you need experience - the degree was the experience!" she screamed.


somebody, anybody..make it make sense. #servinglife #serving #collegedegree #debt #brokeasf #servelife #server #mentalhealth

After sharing the video, Alison's video went viral with 575,000 views, and nearly 60,000 likes, and many flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on this topic.

Some sided with Alison and agreed that a college degree should be enough experience - with one saying that a degree isn't even needed.

One person said: "The degree was the experience!!!!!!! I understand I understand!"

"24 turning 25 soon. stuck in the serving/bartender gig bc it pays more," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I work in your degree field. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. Degrees don’t matter. They’ll train their way you once hired."

Others criticised Alison

One person wrote: "This issue is people think you get out of college and instantly make the top dollar amount for your career."

"I'm confused why you would expect to be making 100k out of the gate. 45-60k, sure. also, type the American Dream academy and register free for the course," another person said.

Someone else added: "Anyone who thinks they should be making $150K out of college that isn’t in a sales role, high profile finance or consulting role is delusional."

"The degree was not the experience, it’s NEVER the experience and if you can’t understand this then good luck to you," a fourth person commented.

While people shared their own experiences of earning their first salary after college.

"At 25 my first corporate job paid me $30k and at 32 I make over six figures. Start SOMEWHERE start small.. you will get there!!!" one person wrote.

Another person said: "My first job at 22 was $75k/yr. I did 3 marketing internships in college and started doing contract work my senior year. Experience is an experience!"

"This is a good lesson," someone else added: "Get internships during college. It starts to give you the experience and connections needed to move through any career."

A fourth person replied: "I was in the position for so long. At some point, you just have to take the pay cut and it will eventually pay off! It sucks at first but so necessary."

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