Police issue warning over viral TikTok door knock challenge

Police issue warning over viral TikTok door knock challenge

Police issue warning over TikTok door knock challenge

Facebook/Friendswood Police Department

Police in the US have issued a warning over the TikTok door knock challenge after receiving complaints from residents.

TikTok is home to viral challenges that range from dance-based to more dangerous trends such as NyQuil Chicken and the Blackout challenge.

But the most recent challenge that has reappeared on the platform "TikTok Door Knock challenge," which police in Friendswood, Texas have said is when partakers go to random houses in the middle of the night to aggressively bang and knock on doors to startle the residents inside.

In recent weeks, FPD says there have been "several" reports of this kind of activity that has been described as the new version of ding, dong, ditch.

As a result, the trend has caused "both physical and emotional distress for residents of all ages," the police department has said in a statement shared on Facebook.

Surveillance footage has also been shared by police of those doing the TikTok door challenge at night where "it appears to be teenage males that are kicking and banging on doors," with one even using a 5-gallon water jug to bang on a front door.

Officers are currently in the process of identifying those involved.

“This is a very dangerous game, very dangerous game,” Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 3 Chief Deputy Jimmy Evans told FOX 26.

“I’m afraid a homeowner may think someone is trying to burglarize their residence and some innocent kid can get shot or killed.”

In response to the post, social media have criticised those participating in the challenge and also echoed police concerns that it could result in tragedy.

One person wrote: "It will be tragic when one of those kids is shot by a homeowner. This type of activity is STUPID!"

"This is not appropriate at any time of day. I agree with others. This could turn out very badly for someone’s child. They will either be killed or wounded and, yes, the parents will be very hurt, angry, etc. I hope they stop before it goes too far," another person said.

Someone else added: "They are gonna get themselves injured, act stupid and reap stupid consequences."

"If you have had an incident like this occur or if you are a neighbor and have video please notify us by calling our non-emergency number at 281-996-3300 or through our Citizens Online Reporting System," the police statement concluded.

It's not the first a police department in the US has warned the public about this TikTok challenge.

Last year, residents in parts of New Castle County, Delaware also reported similar incidents of aggressive banging on their doors and local police urged parents to highlight the dangers of doing this to their children.

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