What is the TikTok summer tan filter trend?

What is the TikTok summer tan filter trend?
Myth or Science 2: Is Tanning Addictive?

A TikTok trend has received a mixed response online for depicting unrealistic beauty standards.

The 'tanning' filter is exactly that. It alters users' complexion with a sunkissed glow, and many have taken to the platform to share the noticeable difference.

In one clip that racked up over 50,000 likes, one user wrote: "My biggest red flag is that I'd rather look like an oompa loompa than be pale. This. Is. Concerning."

The self-recorded footage showed the woman stunned by her newfound tan achieved by the filter.

One person questioned: "Why does everyone hate on their pale skin, like, what’s the issue?"

Another added, "felt this heavy," to which the TikToker responded: "The hard reality of our tanning addictions."

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In a separate clip that racked up 5.6 million views, TikToker Em (@orig_faygo) compared her before and after shots.

"Proof everyone looks better with tan," she wrote as the on-screen text.


i finally got to tan again, the filter was my before 😭 [NOT A FAKE TAN] #trending #audios #real #relatable #tan #fyp #fy

It comes after yet another problematic filter, the Bold Glamour makeup.

The TikTok filter applies an incredibly realistic full face of makeup to users, with many suggesting it's more damaging than it's worth.

Generally, filters glitch and sometimes slip away from the face. In this case, it doesn't. The filter is so advanced that if TikTok didn't disclaim it was being used in videos, viewers wouldn't know any different.

In a viral video viewed over 4 million times, TikToker Joanna (@joannajkenny) urges people to not use the filter.

"I don't want to say this about myself but I actually look ugly when I take this filter off," she said, adding: "I've done a lot of work to unlearn that I owe prettiness to anyone."

She continued: "Here's a reminder for anyone who needs it, filtered skin is not a skin type."

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