'Time traveller' reveals the exact date that World War 3 will start

'Time traveller' reveals the exact date that World War 3 will start
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Self-described “time travellers” on TikTok continue to fascinate social media users, and the latest viral account has made one of the boldest predictions yet.

The figure, who goes by the name "Trevor the Time Traveller", is the latest person to claim they’re from the future on the platform and they bring with them bad news.

Trevor claims to be posting videos from two decades in the future, and he also says he's on the hunt to find his friend "Roger" aka "Chronos”.

We’re more than a little sceptical of course, but the oddly fascinating videos have been gaining viewers over recent days – and the big one relates to the outbreak of World War III.

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According to Trevor, we don’t have very long until something very bad happens.

A new clip posted on the account sees Trevor write: "Here are 3 dates that something terrible is going to happen.

"Remember this date 2/21/2024 - something very big will happen,” he wrote.

"29/5/2030 - A third world war will start, lasting 7 years between the north and south.

"2037 - The war ends and a second baby boom happens, growing the population too high."


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It’s an ominous prediction - but it’s not the strangest thing TikTok ‘time travellers’ have made videos about in the past.

Another person claiming to have the ability to travel through time, this one going by @timevoyaging, took an even more apocalyptic approach to the whole thing.

According to them, we’re only a year away from coming up against a hugely destructive species known as ‘Azawa’ who live underground and end up destroying humanity as we know it.

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