College students go wild after 'accidental explosive' detonated on campus

College students go wild after 'accidental explosive' detonated on campus
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Students at the University of Delaware excitedly watched as police conducted a controlled detonation of a chemical explosive that was “inadvertently” created by a student.

Wednesday afternoon, the University evacuated students from several buildings after an “incident” began in the Lammot Dupont Lab where researchers “inadvertently produced a small amount of a shock-sensitive explosive.”

According to the University of Delaware, it was an isolated incident that produced no injuries.

But still, the campus had to call the Delaware police who brought in an officer from the Delaware State Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit (EOD) and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

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After students were evacuated, they gathered around the “The Green” located outside of Memorial Hall where the small explosive was set to be detonated.

The officer from the EOD dug a small hole in the ground where the chemical safely exploded.

On TikTok, students posted videos of the minor explosion, showing crowds of young people cheering and hollering for the exciting event.

"Literal academic weapon," a commenter wrote on TikTok.

"Knowledge is power I guess," another person joked.

"HENgineering," a commenter said.

It is unclear what experiment led to the chemical explosive or what type of chemicals were combined to create it. The lab it was created in houses the chemistry, biochemistry, and marine sciences departments.


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Mark Seifert, the associate vice president for emergency management and safety at the University of Delaware thanked emergency responders on campus.

"We’re grateful for the collaboration of emergency responders on campus and from state and local agencies to achieve a safe resolution to this situation,” Seifert said.

Buildings and classes that were put on hold to deal with the small explosive resumed Thursday morning.

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