Why is TikTok asking for my iPhone passcode?

Why is TikTok asking for my iPhone passcode?
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If you've used TikTok in the past few days you might have encountered a strange requirement asking you to input your iPhone passcode in order to access the application.

The demand, which has previously been reserved just for apps that have security features such as banking apps or streaming sites, is something that you wouldn't usually see on a social media app leaving many users confused.

The new feature on TikTok reportedly started appearing on the app in November but has been popping up more often in December but TikTok has yet to say why it has been introduced.

Numerous people have posted questions and videos on social media, seemingly stumped as to why they are being greeted with the demand.


Another said: "Since when do I need to put in my passcode to use tiktok"

Dexerto reports that there could be two reasons as to why this is occurring.

One reason could be that 'Restricted Mode' is currently set on your phone which prevents users from viewing certain content on TikTok. To turn this off you will need to go to TikTok's privacy settings and then to 'content preferences section.' You'll then need to enter your passcode again to turn it off.

Another issue causing the passcode to appear could be down to a bug that makes the code demand show up. You can simply hit 'cancel' at the bottom of the screen to skip the passcode. Another solution could be to update the app completely to make sure you have the newest version available.

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