Woman refuses to do housework after husband says she does nothing around the house

Woman refuses to do housework after husband says she does nothing around the house
Wife annoying her highly organized husband as payback for getting on her …

A woman who was annoyed by her husband's comment that she does nothing around the house decided to prove her point demonstrably.

TikToker Lindsay Donnelly (@lindsaydonnelly2) had enough and so stopped doing housework for a couple of days as she showed off what her house looked like as a result of doing this.

In the viral video, she wrote: "My husband made a comment that I do nothing around the house."

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"So for two days, I really did nothing around the house."

Lindsay then pans the camera around her house where her kitchen floor and countertop were full of her children's belongings with dirty bottles and cutlery in the sink.

She then moved into the dining room where the table was crowded with different things, while in the lounge there was a huge basket of dirty laundry, and there was stuff all over the place in the bathroom.

"Then I left town for a girls trip... #marriagehumor," Lindsay added in the caption while 'Karma' by Taylor Swift played in the clip.


Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor

Since then, the clip has gone viral with over 13.3m views, 2.3m likes and nearly 18,000 comments with people making their opinions clear on the matter.

One person said: "This is why I stay single. I refuse to parent an adult."

"Divorce him," another person wrote. "One less person to clean up after"

Someone else added: "I really would do nothing ever again for that man. He has no respect for you, he’s treating you like unpaid help. You deserve better."

"There is nothing humorous about him saying that. That’s devaluing you and invalidation," a fourth person commented.

In a follow-up video, Lindsay sat down with her husband who she says has "since apologised" to her for his comments and then informed him of the viral TikTok, to which he apologised to viewers too.

"He agreed that was a real [poop emoji] thing to say," she added in the caption.


Replying to @kris he agreed that was a real 💩 thing to say

Though viewers weren't completely satisfied and still criticised the husband in the comments.

One person said: "I mean he apologized to us, but did he apologize to you? Like really?"

"Am I the only one who doesn’t see the humor in this?" another person asked.

Someone else added: "Divorce anyway."

"I know we don’t know all the details on your life but I hope he apologized to you off camera and starts doing more," a fourth person commented.

Lindsay joked in another video that she "might accidentally roast you in a TikTok video and let 7 million people join in on the fun."

While a most recent TikTok, she wrote how she "roasted my almost perfect husband," who she says "cleans more daily than I do."

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